A pleasant moment of relaxation and well-being for the body...


The wellness program involves the use of the various services listed below and lasts for 2 ore.

The access methods are 2: classic formula or exclusive formula.

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Turkish bath

the internal temperature varies from 45° to 60° and increases proceeding from the bottom to the top. Sweating is less intense than in a very hot and dry environment such as a sauna, but since the stay is longer, the final result is that the amount of perspiration transpired is higher. The Turkish bath promotes circulation thanks to the heat that dilates the blood vessels and allows a deep cleansing and purification of the skin. The session usually consists of two times: 15 min inside the Turkish bath and then immerse yourself in a path of emotional showers alternating the various water temperatures. It is possible to repeat the path several times which will be followed by a phase of further relaxation of at least 20 minutes.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna, which possesses extraordinary relaxation and detoxification abilities and has positive influences on the mind and body. Nothing is more effective for relieving nervous tension and calming anxiety, because the sauna stimulates the natural rebalancing of psychophysical conditions. The skin is purified and with sweating acids and toxins are eliminated. Inside, the temperature fluctuates between 80 ° and 85 °.

Hydromassage pool

which will have the ability to release stress and muscle tension from the body at a water temperature between 32° and 34°. Thanks to the gaseous bubbles that in contact with the skin cause a natural micro-massage capable of stimulating circulation and giving a pleasant sensation of relaxation.

Sensory tunnel

a whirlwind of lights and scents combined with water games offer stimulating emotions and sensations. The colors match the water temperature creating a unique chromatic and stimulating effect, from the showers jets of hot or cold water, either filiform or with water blade, combined with scented essences make the passage through the sensory tunnel unforgettable.

Himalayan pink salt sauna

halotherapy is a therapy that uses the natural power of salt. The pink salt sauna is suitable for all respiratory diseases: cough, cold, sinusitis, catarrh, pharyngitis, bronchitis, allergies and asthma. But also ideal for ear infections, stress, insomnia, anxiety, circulatory problems, rheumatism, muscle aches, dermatitis and eczema. Inside, the temperature varies from 40 ° to 50 °.


More and more people want a perfect tan even in winter when the sun is not there. How to do? Reach your favorite solarium! However, experience teaches us that not all people react in the same way to sun exposure. There are those who immediately acquire a golden color and those who, despite their efforts, only get burns and skin inflammations. Exposure to tanning, whether natural or artificial, however, it must be graduated. The first day is always the one most at risk. In fact, tanning has the task of making the skin better resist the sun. The more you get tanned, the more you can expose yourself to the sun since risks are reduced. In the end, to protect and make our tan last longer, it is necessary to keep the skin well hydrated.

Area relax

the end of each spa path is linked to a fundamental phase defined as "reaction and recovery". This moment must be carried out on the beds where the well-covered person abandons himself and the body begins the "reaction" that is, through sweating to gradually restore his body temperature, then begins the "recovery" that takes place through the tasting of herbal teas.


With different variants of your choice, to conclude the path.

Sparta! Un party in my suite

Our facility becomes an entertainment center, as well as well-being: abandoned the serious office clothes, fashion returns to savor freedom. It doesn't take much to be truly glamorous… comfortable slippers, a soft bathrobe and people with whom to share a moment of total relaxation, between chatter and fun. Do you like the idea? My Suite Suite offers a range of treatments and a whole new way to make friends, just socialize spending time with whoever you want. Let yourself be seduced by the elegance of refined environments, let yourself be pampered by the most innovative treatments and enjoy a flute of Champagne or an aperitif with your closest friends. Give yourself or give a very special gift to celebrate someone you love or to give yourself unforgettable moments in the company of friends.

Choose also:

An original gift: Wellness

In these years where the stress and chaos of everyday life are felt more and more, there is perhaps no more welcome gift than a nice wellness treatment to stop for a while’ and abandon all problems thinking only of yourself and to recharge your energies. If you want to be truly original and give moments of pampering and well-being, surprising those you care about is very simple! You are spoiled for choice at My Suite: a nice relaxing massage, a treatment package, a tanning session or a regenerating wellness program.

“Boredom, aesthetics and well-being ":

The My Suite wellness center leaves nothing to chance! Inside the wellness center we have created a modern and welcoming beauty center called Unalome aesthetics and wellness where you can find a multitude of services such as: body treatments, total, massages, basic aesthetics and diode laser.

Isernia fitness sports center

Inside the structure there is a large area of ​​over 500 m2 dedicated entirely to sport: 1 sala cardio fitness, 1 room dedicated to martial arts, 2 rooms dedicated to group fitness and finally a room dedicated exclusively to Pilates